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The 1 to 1 Budget Blitz Program has been designed for the everyday Australian seeking an independent review of their financial position by accredited financial professionals – without the high cost. For a fixed fee of $395 you can now receive personal access to an independent national team of MFAA qualified Mortgage Brokers, Authorised Financial Planners and Insurance Representatives and Licenced Real Estate Agents. Using a smart portal, you and your qualified financial professionals will work together to build a full 360 degree profile of your current financial situation analysing your:

  1. Personal debt position
  2. Mortgage
  3. Super
  4. Insurance, and
  5. Net Cash flow position.

Your 360 Degree financial profile will provide you with a very clear road map to help:

  1. Pay down your home faster – this may even include your qualified MFAA Mortgage Broker finding you a better loan.
  2. Find better deals on your insurances – here your Authorised Insurance Advisor will work out the most appropriate income protection, mortgage protection, life insurance and trauma insurance.
  3. Understand the value of your home with a free independent property valuation report. If you are renting, not to worry, you can also get a free rent analysis.
  4. Understand your cash flow – by receiving a full itemised budget that you can stick to.
  5. Get a better view of you credit rating with a free credit report.

The 1:1 Budget Blitz is incredible value as there is no other service like it in Australia that brings all of these accredited professionals into the one service – for such a small fee of $395. Many of our clients to date have already made a significant improvement in their financial position. 

Some will be owning their home up to 10 years earlier, others savings thousands per year by switching to a new mortgage deal and even and others knowing the tricks to paying down their credit cards ten times faster.

Want that to be you? Then simply sign up for the 1 to 1 Budget Blitz today. Remember we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

NOTE: The independent national team is supplied in association with McCullum Advisory Services Pty Ltd:

AFP ®Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia;  Authorised Representative  – Authorised Rep Number – 245045; Credit Representative – Credit Representative Number – 367789; Real Estate Agent In Force – Licence Number – 20091850

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