How to find extra cash without raiding your super

With the devastating financial effects of COVID-19, more and more Australians are struggling to make ends meet. 

Finding extra cash is especially difficult if you have lost your job, had work hours cut or you been in quarantine.

Don’t lose hope, there are several ways you can get your hands-on extra cash without raiding your super. Here is just a few:

First, sharpen up your spending so that you end up with some extra money left over to either spend elsewhere or pay down debts. For example:

  1. Cut out a coffee a day and you can save a whopping $1,460 a year (assuming you buy a takeaway for $4 each). Alternatively, you can always buy a pack of 10 instant Cappuccino at the supermarket for about 63c each and save even more.
  2. Shop for your groceries faster – Research shows that you will save 50 cents a minute if you shop for less than 30 minutes. Putting that in dollars, if you normally shop for an hour each week and cut it back by 30 minutes per shop you will save $780 a year.

To earn extra cash here’s a few ideas:

  1. Sell your skills – Get paid for things you are good at outside of your normal work hours. Clear it with your employer first and if you are a trades person try, or if you are a bookkeeper, accountant, designer, computer, social media expert or in fact any skilled professional you can register on  On each of these websites you can make some good extra money. If you make $50 a week extra that’s $2,500 a year!
  2. Make money out of your driveway or carport – If you live in or close to a major town/city you can now make a few extra dollars renting out your driveway/garage or carport by the hour, day, week or even month. If you live near a railway/tram/bus stop or even a sporting venue and you have a spare spot that you don’t use during the day you could rent it out to someone who wants the security of a car spot. Even if you live in suburbia people will still want to potentially use an off-street place to park (maybe even for a few hours for kids sport) storing their boat, car or bike. There are many apps or websites where you can register your space – check out or You could earn anywhere from a $5 an hour or up to $25 a day in the city. It all adds up and is a great way to create money.
  3. Make money driving your kids to school – Yes, you read it right. Each state government has a subsidy called the School Transport Assistance Scheme which can pay you around $400 a year just to drive your little cherubs to and from school. Each state government has different rules – so google and follow the links.

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